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New Year, New Job.

Posted on: January 01, 2012

I’ve spent the last 8+ years working at Tower Publications. The opportunities and challenges I encountered there made me a better designer, a better developer, and a better person. It’s with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Tower and embark on the next adventure.

I’ve accepted an offer from the University of Florida to become the Webmaster for the College of Fine Arts. There’s a lot of exciting work to be done, and plenty of new challenges ahead.


Responsive CSS Grid Systems

Posted on: June 13, 2011

I’ve been experimenting with several promising responsive CSS grid systems.
So far, I’m most impressed with: 1140px grid, SimpleGrid, and Skeleton.

I haven’t decided if I will use any of them for client work yet, but I might attempt to convert this site over to one of them in the near future. If you are unfamiliar with Responsive Web Design, take a look at this article by Ethan Marcotte. He’s also written a very enjoyable book on the subject — I just finished it today.


Update: Thanks to a very kind tweet from Regina Casaleggio, I’ve now been drafted by Matthew Spiel. Both Regina and Matt do amazing work — well worth taking a few minutes to explore their stuff.

I’ll link to my dribbble account as soon as post my first shot.

Thanks to you both. :)


This is my first year submitting entries for the Addy Awards, and I’m honored to have received 2 Silver Addy Awards for work done at Tower Publications. Both entries were assisted by amazing photography from TJ Morrissey of Lotus Studios.


Troubleshooting Typekit in Firefox

Posted on: February 10, 2011

A few days ago I noticed that I couldn’t see Typekit fonts in Firefox. Not just on my owns sites, but on the Typekit site itself. So, I ran through a few standard troubleshooting techniques — cleared the cache, republished my kit, verified the Javascript links in the <head> — still no Typekit fonts.

Turns out the culprit was the disable referrers setting in the Web Developer Toolbar extension for Firefox. Under the Disable tab there is an option to disable referrers — if it is checked it will not allow any Typekit fonts to load properly.

You may also want to check your referrers settings in about:config. To do this open a new tab in Firefox and type about:config in the URL bar and hit enter. In the filter box type network.http.sendRefererHeader, and make sure the value of the network.http.sendRefererHeader preference is set to 2 (not 0 or 1). To change the value, double click on the preference row.

Thanks to Sean at Typekit for helping me get this solved.